Future Cruise Credits – What they are and how to use them!

Future Cruise Credits

Given the current shut down of Global Cruise operations due to Covid-19, all the major cruise lines are offering two types of refund to guests, who may have had their pre booked cruise holiday cancelled

Full Refunds

Unlike Airlines, who tend to only offer a credit voucher, the majority of the major cruiselines will offer a Full Refund, where they have had to cancel cruises due to border closures or Government advice.
Refunds are taking approximately 8 – 9 weeks and will be returned to the original form of payment made when your cruise was purchased.
If your booking was through the HOOT Cruises team and you have requested this option, then we will advise you once we receive the refund payment from the cruiseline. We will then credit this back to your original credit card or bank account that made the original purchase.
If your cruise had been purchased via a Grabone coupon, the refund will be returned to Grabone and they will refund via your original form of payment

Future Cruise Credits

These are a great alternative to a refund, if you prefer to re-schedule your cruise holiday to a future cruise date and they come with benefits!

Future Cruise Credits can be used towards any alternative cruise on the same cruiseline within the validity of the Future Cruise voucher.

Many of the major cruiselines are increasing the value of the Future Cruise credit. This means that it is actually worth more than you originally paid for your cancelled cruise. Take this as part apology and as a thank you for your loyalty in retaining your cruise booking for the future.
P&O Australia as an example are currently offering up to 200% of your original cruise value as a Future cruise credit. That could mean you get two future cruises for the price of your original one! Or you could treat yourself to a massive room upgrade on your new booking.

Future cruise amounts vary and this can depend on how far in advance your cruise was cancelled, plus which cruiseline you were originally travelling with.

Some Cruiselines are offering a Future cruise credit combined with a Bonus OnBoard credit that automatically adds on to your new re-scheduled cruise booking.

Got a Future Cruise Credit and need some help?

If you have a Future Cruise Credit direct from the cruiseline, or even from another Travel Agent, our HOOT Cruises team are happy to help you with your re-booking.
You can use the Future cruise credit towards any of our exclusive HOOT cruise offers.
Let the team know which cruise you are interested in, we can retrieve your Future Cruise credit in the cruise line system, check the unused value for you and apply it to any future cruise booking on that same cruiseline.
PLUS we will apply any of the extra HOOT discounts or onboard benefits, effectively giving you the chance to double dip on offers or perks

AA Smartfuel Savings valid with Future Cruise Credits.

As another extra perk when you use your Future Cruise credit with HOOT cruises you will also earn 50c per litre AA Smartfuel saving up to a maximum of 50 litres. This means your cruise booking actually saves you money next time you fuel up your car at the pump!

What happens if I choose a Future cruise credit and then decide I would rather have a refund?

Hey, we all know circumstances can change and the cruiselines understand this as well. If you opt for a Future Cruise credit instead of a refund, but decide later that you would rather have a refund, this is still possible with most of the major cruiselines.

Please note that the terms around changing your mind can vary by cruiseline, some will let you convert your Future Cruise credit to a refund at any time, others will only let you do this if you don’t end up using your Future Cruise credit by its expiry date.

Please feel free to contact our HOOT Cruises team to see what conditions apply for your cruiseline, before you make the initial choice.

Remember any refund will only be equivalent to the amount you original paid for your cruise, it wont be for the same value as the Future Cruise credit if this was higher.

We hope these tips have been useful for you. Please do not hesitate to call our HOOT Cruises Kiwi team if you have any particular questions, or if you would like to talk about cruise options for your next holiday

HOOT Cruises NZ Freephone: 0800 99 44 88

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